Harish P

Carl P-Guard. Parkour. Study. Repeat.

I am Kalle Pesonen, a 24-year-old tradenomiksi student living in Espoo, Finland. I am also a security professional and a Freelancer-game show designer/host.

I graduated in 2014 as a media assistant. With my studies and my work, I have done the media tasks that are very well-placed and, first of all, a special seat, especially for website making, including the Amnestylle and the male choir of the Eugalle website. After graduation I kept the year and decided to expand my own knowledge by working in the COMPUTER Assistant's work and in the autumn of 2015 I started my studies at the University of Applied Sciences.

I am currently studying the last year at Lapin ammattiyliopisto for data processing tradenomiksi. During my BACHELOR's studies, I have been working in the security sphere for the fifth year (fourth consecutive year) and have won the Assembler game development competition with This Is Härmä!. In addition, at the end of 2016, I worked on a (game) development project for the driving simulation games at the Helsinki Shipyard Beach, where there were quite well-known people as colleagues. Among these people were Harri Haanpää (Dreammill Productions, director/producer, directed, among others, the top model of Finland and the villa and the HUUSSI programmes) and Mika Salo (former Formula 1 driver, acting as a competition judge under her).

I have also contributed somewhat to the eSports industry since I worked as a tournament director in the ranks of Sport Racing Team Finland, mainly in driving simulation games for more than five years (between 2014-2019). This work mission gave me the experience and skills in organizing events and tournaments. I always want to develop my own problem solving ability and react quickly. These skills have evolved, not only in the security sector and in the tournament director, but also in the fact that I have worked as a judge for the SM-level. This working as a judge at the SM level resulted in the calling of the AKK-Motorsports ' masters in the evening, which rewards the most successful players in the car sports industry!

In 2019 I have started a new chapter in my life as I became the designer/host of a Freelancer game show through the Eezy Osk Billing service, which I myself have programmed in the game show! In fact, I have the opportunity to do almost any topic on the game show (or quiz program) that can be used for the benefit of events! In addition, I can also use this for educational and educational purposes, which means that I can organise training (access) experiments/exams for people.

In addition to these, I also have hobbies as well as other passions such as Lapland, Parkour (which I am also known as the Cloud) and Nintendo.

On this site you will find not only more information about me but also Résuumini (or Cv) and more information about this game show.

(It is possible that you suspect something that has been found on this site, which I have not witnessed elsewhere. These things I testify in this report.)