Name: Kalle Pesonen

Phone number: 045 144 6332

Email: Traceurity(at)

Birthday: April 4th 1995 (26 years old)

Location: On your screen, i.m. Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland



Question: What is the best way to connect with you?

Answer: Unless you see me in the face, through the form. I have two forms on this site, another for collaborative surveys, commercial inquiries, etc. Other basic questions. You can find the form for collaborativesurveys on the Contact page, while you can find the form for basic questions on the QuestionCentre page!

First of all, it's a good idea to contact me through the form for the reason that you are able to put as much information as possible into your message.

Question: I sent a message to you, but did not answer! What the hell?

Answer: Usually only answer questions and inquiries. If I did not respond, there is a probable reason for it either that the answer is already on this site or I have not had a chance to reply. It is also possible that I accidentally forgot to answer it. In the latter case, please resubmit the message to me.

Question: Can you do something for me in media just like video editing, image processing or Web pages?

Answer: Sure, please contact us form. Also, remember that because of my studies and my works, I might be very busy.

Question: Do you have a professional experience, but not a portfolio? Why?

Answer: I've made a portfolio sometime years ago. I have not only had time to update it. I have plans to create a separate website for the portfolio, because I want this site to focus mostly on that game show story, which I organise as a gig/Freelance!

Question: What are the elements in that logo?

Answer: The following elements:

  • Clouds over the letter "P" describe not only my nickname "Cloud/Cloud", but they also look like quotation marks that are liked to be used with nicknames
  • Nintendo 64 driver describes my liking for Nintendo and other retro consoles
  • A person next to the Nintendo 64 controller is a parkourater/Trasler. I personally like the pair and it seems that the parkourater is just performing a barrier called the Nintendo 64 controller.

Question: Why is your nickname Cloud/Cloud?

Answer: It's a nickname associated with the Parkouriin. I was originally a Parkouria 2013-2016 and I started it in 2019 again. It's my nickname because:

  1. I like to have a parkouri "feet out of the ground" style, that is, I feel more comfortable in the air than at the ground level. When you are Parkouri, it looks like I live in the air!
  2. Just as the clouds change as the weather conditions so require, I myself change my own activities in the parade. I am not upset, but I can make sensible decisions and react to changing circumstances.
  3. It also demonstrates my kindness and soft nature to others. The clouds themselves are soft like what!

In addition, each name has one additional meaning:

The nickname "Cloud" is also a reference to a cloud character familiar from the Final Fantasy franchise. Cloud also has a spiked hair, just like me. This "Cloud" reference is therefore also a reference to my spiked hair.

The meaning of the nickname "Cloud" is different. "Cloud" is a woman's name, but it actually played a surprisingly important role in that fact that it is my nickname. In Parkour, the problem has been that it is unfortunately often classified as (solely) a type of men. Even women can enjoy the Parkouri! Personally, I want to take part in reducing the male domination of Parkouri and one part of that is that I have accepted that my nickname is the name of a woman. With it, at least a touch more femininity will come to Parkour!

Question: What miracle hair brings this site in your photos?

Answer: Popular video game musician FamilyJules is one of my inspirations. Her haircut has been model my tukalleni. I now use just that kind of hairstyle. Other hairstyles from what I have used are, among other things, the Pidgeotto-style hair styles of the Ponnari and Pokémon.

Question: your email reads Traceurity. What does it mean?

Answer: That Traceurity is my nickname. It consists of the following words:

  • In fact, I like the beard and the Hobbits enthusiasts are called the traceurees. It will be that word Traceur
  • I work in the field of security and Security comes from the word safety. Traceur + Security = Traceurity
  • Also, if you mock that word, you'll get the words: Trace, your, and IT. They form a phrase: Trace your IT or trace your IT. I like to work with customer care in computer technology, so I like to trace customers ' IT problems.
    • And if you continue to do that and add the letter Y, you will notice that there are two additional meanings, because Y is a generously used abbreviation of the word "Yes" or "Yes/yes".
      • Additional significance 1: It can be done with the question: "Trace your IT, Y?" which would mean "Trace your IT, yes?" or "Trace your IT, Joohan?"
      • Additional Significance 2: It can be used to answer the question "Trace your IT?", which is in English "Trace/trace your IT?". So the answer is ' Yes '. My traceurity nickname would then have two parts: "Trace your IT?" and "Y!".

Question: Can you arrange for us to have a suitable pelishow'n?

Answer: Of course! I am always open to this homme. Please contact us via the form, which you can findon the Contact page!

Question: Import game show page looks pretty confusing. Why?

Answer: While it's a game show is sort of pretty simple/straightforward, it's really hard to explain verbally. Therefore, I recommend you look at that page to find the Nick Arcade and Thrown Controllers videos that tell you pretty well what is the question. Nick Arcade says very well how a couple of versions of this game show works, while Thrown Controllers tells you how the individual version of this gameplay works.

And before anyone says that why I help my competitors: look at this question/answer section for a question asking if you are competing with Nick Arcaden/Thrown controllers.

Question: What sort of job does the game show design/hosting really have?

Answer: It actually consists of two parts:

  1. Design: 80-95% This work task is planning. It's because I always have to create my own game for each topic, and I'll always be there to add questions and answers, as well as media files and challenges. And more things will come if I have to do something about the pelishow category. It's a game show I'm actually part of those questions, etc. To add, I need to add them manually! In addition to all this, there are testing, testing and testing!
  2. Hosting: 5-20% This job task is hosting. It's pretty much a Game Show Host. I present the pelishow'n, I tell the players the rules, I present questions and challenges, I will tell you the correct answers and how to solve any problem situations. I have to struggle with the presentation technology.

That percentage varies due to the subject. If I'm asked to make a game show about something that's already been a game show, I don't need to plan so much because I have it on the bottom already ready!

Question: What have you done with that game show base?

Answer: Game show templates (each version has its own base) is made with RPG maker (more specifically, RPG Maker with MVP). Graphics I made with Adobe Photoshop. That is what it really is. I've wondered whether I'm doing a new version of these dream or Game Maker Studio 2 at some point, but I'm getting to see.

Question: Why were you originally doing those soles with RPG maker?

Answer: I originally intended to make these game show templates such that anyone could use them for the benefit of making their own game. I thought that RPG Maker would be very clear to anyone and that's why I picked it up. Unfortunately, the RPG Maker only hates it when you use it for things not designed, which resulted in the codes of these game show templates being such that only I understand something from them. However, I was already at that point so long in the game, so I thought it wouldn't make any sense anymore to change the game-making program.

Question: Can you share that game show base?

Answer: Unfortunately, I don't share those bottoms. I am willing to help people make their own templates, but I do not share them in the game show templates, not only because of the reason just mentioned, but also because I do not want people to consume several dozen euros in the game-making program only in order to get the game templates/RPG Maker projects that are very confusing in appearance. Making these game show templates when you require some skills in RPG maker techniques. I want more to see that people enjoy that have actually made their own game show base. In which situation would you like to have: "Jes! I got a game show on the bottom of my own and I developed my own game development skills! "Huh" Jes! I got a game show on the bottom because I caught it from the North Kalle pesos! "? Almost surely you would like to have that first feeling.

(These next two tracks consist of more RPG maker on their own. If it seems like you do not understand what I'm telling here, you can skit these. You really need to know something about RPG maker that you would understand the next couple of songs.)

A picture is displayed next to what will serve as an example of how these game show bottoms are made. I have used the "Common Events" area/database of RPG maker for my benefit. Practically every single action (all categories, image insertion, game board, success, failure, etc.) has its own "Common Event". In this picture, you can see how many issues are required to act on the multi-choice category. And that code snippet only shows one multi-choice question, no answer, etc. Measures. However, you can see that if a player wants to see an answer to a question, the game show at my sole will make a command which is another "Common Event" in the answers to the multi-choice category. So questions and answers are a region in the code of my Pelishowpohji!

If you want to make your own version of RPG maker, now use RPG Maker MVP. Do not use older RPG maker such as RPG Maker VX Acea, because except for (A) they are no longer terribly unsupported, but also B) there are quite a few limitations in their resolution (the RPG Maker VX Ace limitation is at best 640 times 480, in RPG Maker MVP there is no limit). After that: Learn the techniques of RPG maker (unless you already know how to finish them)! I recommend using RPG Maker's "Common Events" area to benefit as much as possible, it makes making the game so much easier and clearer (you can't imagine how confused this code in my game play was sometimes when I did not maximize the benefits of the "Common Events" area then!)

So the answer: I'm sorry that this is not the answer to what you wanted, but at least this is a step in the right direction!

Q: Do you compete with Nick Arcaden/Thrown controllers?

Answer: No. Nick Arcade ran out almost 30 years ago (although there have been attempts to bring it back from time to time) and in the case of Thrown Controllers, its creator ProtonJon himself helped me get started with this game show template (Thrown Controllers is made with RPG Maker VX) and, moreover, I have told him that if he needs help moving the game show base to RPG Maker MV, he can contact me. So we have provided assistance to each other, we do not compete and we really do not want to compete.

This also gives an answer to the question that I have had for a longer time allowed to make my own game show. Why else would ProtonJon have helped me get the bottom in doing this?

In addition, I do not compete with Nick arcade, because it is the only ones who have actually had a budget for these three games. In my own game, there's the same thing as the Thrown controllers: It's the kind of gaming show I like to arrange for people just because I like this one. I just want to have fun and also make sure that the participants have fun (and for educational purposes I also strive to ensure that it is also beneficial to people)!

Question: Where and when did you start to Parkouri?

Answer: Parkourkeskus in Malmi, Helsinki, in early 2013/spring. I had sometimes tried the parkouri in 2007-2009 times, but I never hartrased it properly. The 2013 was therefore the first year when I started to properly parkouri.

Question: Why does your answers are between really long?

Answer: Yes. For me, writing a message is a bit like paying taxes. I mean, it is always worth paying a little too much, rather than too little tax, to avoid problems. I've also embraced that way in writing messages, so I prefer to write longer than too short in my messages.

Question: How do you bring "Traceurity" otherwise pronounced?

Answer: There are two ways:

  • In English: Tray-Sir-Iti
  • In French: Trah-Seur-Iti

Think that you add the word "Security" to the end of "-ity" after the word "Traceur".

Question: Do you have more Parkouri or freerunning?

Answer: Parkouria my hobby more. Freerunning my hobbies Sometimes, but mainly I focus on the Parkoun.

Question: What game consoles/game console games do you have?

Answer: Nintendo line: NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 (I no longer have), GameCube, Wii, Wii U and Switch as well as Mini/Classic NES and SNES. In addition, I have acquired GameBoy color (which is no longer me), two Nintendo 2Ds and one Nintendo New 3DS. N. In addition to this, I also have a PlayStation 2 and 3 for both PSP and Sega Genesis.

Question: Why are you a Nintendo fan? Why not a PlayStation/Xbox fan?

Answer: Nintendo has already been in the 1990 century in my heart. It's just a fact left to me.

Question: "Who was the first tubeer you followed?" Do Finnish tubettors follow?

Answer: I've been on Youtube since 2007. I can't remember which tuber I actually actively followed at first, but NintendoCapriSun was the first Let's Play tuber I followed. I don't really follow Finnish tubers in any way; Every now and then I follow Tapio on the Move,but that's it.

Question: What is your lucky number? What about your unlucky number?

Answer: Onnenumero: 8. Unlucky number: 4.

Question: I looked at the Thrown controllers and noticed that the individual version of your game is very similar to it! You guess you just copied it?

Answer: It is true that it is very similar to Thrown Controllers, but here are the following points:

  • I have a license From Protonjon to make my own version of that Thrown controllers
  • ProtonJon helped me get started with this own version
  • I have made significant own things in this own game show in addition to these Thrown Controllers issues
  • The game show base is completely self-made/programmed by me
  • I have yet to mention to Protonjon that if he wants help with upgrading his Thrown controllers from RPG Maker Vx to RPG Maker MVP, he can contact me. This is the reason why this game show base in my individual version is very similar to that of the Thrown controllers
  • Pelishow'ni differ significantly from the Thrown controllers on the grounds that they are also intended for other topics than videogames, and in addition, my game can also be used for educational purposes.
  • Several categories of Thrown controllers happen to be such that they are ideal for other topics
  • I always mention in the individual version that this inspiration is Thrown Controllers and I ask the public (if it is an individual version) that you have never heard of such a game as Thrown Controllers.

That is, there is really no plagination/copying when considering these conditions in this case.

Question: Why not use the term "quiz program"? Why do you use the term "game show"?

Answer: Quiz show Think it's the official term, but I like to use the term "game shows" as a result, because it does not only sound more natural in relation to my job-my official title is Game Show Designer/Host (Freelance)-but in these game shows it is possible to get a category of challenges/quests. The quiz software focuses almost solely on the questions, so those tasks are just answering questions, while there are quite separate challenges/quests in my game show-home. That's why I use the term "game show" and not the term "quiz program".

Question: Would it be possible to show questions/Answers in question center on this page?

Answer: Yep, I added a section in the question center form that can be folded or not. If the questioner wants to check it out, may his question and my answer to it be found on this page. If not, it will remain (at most) between the two for discussion.